OpenAppMkt – App Store Alternative For Web Based iPhone Apps Without Jailbreak

Written By Sam on 3 August 2010

There is relief at last for iPhone users who want to access interesting apps from other players like Cydia, OpenappMkt and Rock Your Phone, without breaking their warranties. OpenAppMkt, a creation of developers Teck Chia, Flora Sun, and Tim Wuu, looks to provide Apple Store-like apps without jailbreaking and thus garner lawful business for their products.

The apps from OpenappMkt are web-based and the installation does not necessitate for a code or jailbreak. They are accessible through Mobile Safari and supposedly, can run on any smartphone. Infact, this web-based installation on iPhones, was followed by Apple itself, prior to the start of the App Store in 2008 and it continues to maintain a catalog of nearly 4,300 web-based apps till date.

With jailbreaking being legalized recently, iPhone users are hopeful of Apple opening its iOS to other market players. Likewise the market players are also looking to be accepted in the mainstream. Having said that, Apple is not too eager to let their iPhone users install apps of their choice, from other players.
OpenappMkt is available for installation on your iPhone at

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  1. Boub says:

    Hi sir or madam can you openappmkt please in my iPhone 3GS iOS 6.0 jailbreak please

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