New Version of TinyUmbrella Coming Soon With Exciting Features

Written By Sam on 31 August 2010

TinyUmbrella, the popular SHSH tool is being revamped with various new features to enthrall all the iPhone, iPad users. For those who are unaware of TinyUmbrella, it is a combination Umbrella and TinyTSS tools that enable you to save SHSH certificate file of your iDevice and start replay attack for downgrading the firmware.

Latest enhancements in the TinyUmbrella tool might include device information log, capabilities to save all available SHSH’s, detecting the applications running on port 80 on your system and abilities to kill that application as well. TinyUmbrella also enables you to automatically check Cydia for all the SHSHs of the connected device. Sporting a cleaner UI, the updated TinyUmbrella will allow you to safely downgrade or restore by connecting the device. The developer of TinyUmbrella is planning to include activate support from Apple server and full restore support without iTunes as well in the coming future. As per the developer, using this updated version, you will be able to save your 4.0.1/3.2.1 SHSH which enables you to restore to restore to that firmware revision indefinitely.

New enhancements in TinyUmbrella

  • Capabilities to remember device history.
  • Capabilites to save all SHSH’s available on “On-File” at Cydia.
  • Automatic updates about what firmware versions are safely downgrable or restorable
  • Detects applications running on Port 80 and ability to kill those applications
  • Cleaner UI
  • Support for Power PC
  • Stable Runtime
  • Activation Support from Apple servers (would be included in long run)
  • Full Restore Support without iTunes (would be included in long run)

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