New iPhone 4 Without Antenna Issues Coming by End of September

Written By Sam on 2 September 2010

The iPhone 4 in its revised avatar without its reception and signal problems is going to be released very soon. We have recently written about the special event that was held in San Francisco on 1st September where Apple announced a new range of iPods – including New iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano 6 and iPod Touch 4G. In the same event Apple announced about iOS 4.1 and iOS 4.2 but nothing came about the iPhone 4 reception issues. Coming to the iPhone 4, Telcel a Mexican carrier claims that Apple would be releasing a new version of the iPhone 4 to rectify the reception issues. As per Marco Quatorze – Director of Telcel, the iPhone 4 in Mexico would have similar hardware as the iPhones sold in America or elsewhere. However with an intention to address the antenna issue, Apple would be giving a free case to the buyers. He also mentioned that when the free case offer expires on 30th September and the new iPhone 4 without the problems that existed in the earlier versions would become available. Nevertheless, the authenticity of this statement of Mr. Quotorze is still unclear.

It is to be noted that when Steve Jobs held a press conference in July, he had mentioned that the free iPhone 4 case offer was launched as a temporary solution, to give the company some time to investigate the iPhone 4 antenna issue more deeply and maybe arrive at a proper solution for its future customers. Apple also has the means to divert attention from the problems faced by the iPhone 4 users, with the announcement of the White iPhone 4. The intermediate time can be used to make required adjustments to the antenna (if the issue really exists with the cellular reception).

The question many prospective customers will have is whether to buy iPhone 4 with its inherent problems or have the patience to wait for another month for the new version. Most people would rather have good products with them as there are promises that the White iPhone 4 will vindicate the reputation of its predecessor.

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  1. Rudi De Bondt says:

    It was already clear in july there would come a real solution to this partially imaginary problem. Steve Jobs said something as a possible solution was on the way for september.
    It is clear that, if one can wait to buy, it is better to await the new version. You can make more money of it at the time you’ll try to sell the device because you cannot longer live without the state of the art iphone 5

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