Turn iPhone Into a Cursor Controller with the New Movea Air Mouse App

Written By Sam on 29 November 2010

The latest from Movea is a new Movea Air Mouse app, which will help turn your iPhone into a cursor controller. Movea leads in motion processing chips and associated software/hardware for the consumer electronics field. Their products add motion intelligence to products enabling quick to market products incorporating new motion based features. Movea is based in Grenoble, France with a subsidiary in Silicon Valley. Movea is also the owner of the Gyration brand, original developers of the Air Mouse.

This device was first introduced in 2008, enabling mouse cursor movements while moving the mouse in the air, not on a surface. Two years down the line Movea has introduced a revolutionary alternative for iPhone users as well as for the new iPod touch users. Both these devices have motion sensing technology which has been effectively put to use with this versatile app. Simply wave the iPhone or iPod in the air and an onscreen cursor can be controlled. This new app uses the gyroscope and wi-fi connectivity of the iPhone 4 so that users can sit back comfortably on the couch and control mouse movements like a music maestro with natural hand movements. Natural hand movements mean more interactive classroom lectures and gaming can be controlled intuitively. This new Movea Air Mouse app utilizes the iPhone 4’s range of 100 feet to good effect, permitting presenters to move about in the room while delivering their presentation. This app features:

  • Highlighter, image stamps and pen drawing effects
  • Usual cut, copy, paste and other keyboard shortcuts
  • Media player with volume controls
  • Presentation tools
  • Dynamic pan, zoom and scrolling of displays

Along with the Air Mouse app, iPhone 4 users have access to the Motion tools software from Movea which can be installed on a Mac or a PC which means the user can make full use of the effects and tools to activate and customize desktop applications simply by moving the device around in the air. There is an inbuilt gesture recognition feature in Motion tools using which one can move the phone in the air to launch applications or carry out other functions like navigating the web and so on.

The Air Mouse app costs an unbelievable $1.99, definitely far lower than the $90 one would pay for a new mouse. A must have for iPhone 4 users. The app redefines control of home digital entertainment.

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