Car Finder Helps Locate Your Car With iPhone Using Augmented Reality

Written By Sam on 21 December 2010

It goes without saying the iPhone has some very interesting features built in. For those on the move, the A-GPS and the compass (3GS model iPhone) are handy characteristics. Here’s a new app, Car Finder from Intridea, which promises to add to the above-mentioned features and car-owners are likely to find it particularly handy when locating their cars from a sea of vehicles in a packed parking area. This utility tool uses augmented reality; and this is what you need to do. When at a parking lot, note the parking spot in your iPhone with CarFinder. This image, overlaid on the view from where you are searching, will pinpoint the parked location and save you a lot of time and bother. This is also likely to be helpful where GPS does not work properly.

In addition, Car Finder also has the option of setting a parking meter notification warning time so that you are alerted in time before the meter runs out. Another option is that if you do not wish to use the augmented reality view, you can view the car’s location on a regular map. Car Finder is available at  $0.99 from the App Store for your iPhone 3GS.

Download Car Finder [iTunes Link]

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