iPhone Jailbreak and Unlock for Life With pwned4life; New BootROM Exploit By Geohot

Written By Sam on 23 June 2010

Apple has released the iPhone 4 and the iOS 4 and everybody is busy Jailbreaking iDevices on iOS 4 and Unlocking them. And George Hotz (Geohot), the infamous iPhone hacker has mentioned that he has found a new bootROM exploit that will work on all the iPhones at the “Nuit Du Hack” conference in Paris. Geohot During his presentation said that he has found a new bootROM exploit which can be used to pwn all the iPhones including the iPhone 4 for life. Geohot named it as “pwned4life” which might be released soon.

In the conference Geohot also explains who he has got interest towards iPhone and how he was successful in Jailbreaking the iPhone. He also explains how the protection system from Apple works, how the baseband functions and how he has found the flaw allowing the design BlackRa1n. So we would seen be seeing a new tool “pwned4life” which can used to jailbreak and Unlock all the iPhone models.

via iPodTutoFast

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