iPhone 4 Proximity Sensor Issues to be Fixed in Next Firmware Update

Written By Sam on 17 July 2010

At the latest iPhone 4 Press Conference regarding the signal issues, Apple has announced that it would give away free iPhone 4 case for every iPhone 4 user until September 30. In the same conference Apple has also announced that iPhone 4 will be available in 17 more countries on July 30th. Apple also spoke about the proximity sensor issue which was seen on some iPhone 4 devices. Jobs said that the next software update will fix the Proximity Sensor issue.

For users not familiar with “Proximity Sensor“, it is designed to sense when the phone is held up to the users face during a call and it deactivates the display and helps in avoiding unintended input. Some of the iPhone 4 users reported that they had issues with Proximity Sense and they have seen unintended call ending and key pressing. Though there was no exact date on the software update for proximity sensor we can expect it by the end of this month.

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