iOS 4 Update For iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, iPhone 2G and iPod touch 3G, 2G and 1G

Written By Sam on 21 June 2010

Apple has released the iOS 4 for developers some time back and iOS 4 (iPhone OS 4.0) will be available to all the users tomorrow, June 21. iOS 4.0 can be used to upgrade the firmware on both iPhone and iPod Touch. But you should be clear that not all the models of iPhone and iPod Touch are compatible with the iOS 4. Moreover if you rely on Jailbreak or Unlock then it is very much better to stay away from the iOS 4.0 update until the iPhone Dev-Team releases Jailbreak and Unlock Tools for iOS 4.0.

iPhone and iPod Touch Compatibility With iOS 4.0

  • iPhone 3GS: Full iOS 4.0 compatible except iPhone 4 specific features
  • iPhone 3G: Partial iOS 4.0 support. Doesn’t support multitasking, wallpaper and Bluetooth keyboard.
  • iPhone 2G: No iOS 4.0 support. (Custom Modded 3.1.3 with iOS 4 features available)
  • iPod Touch 3G: Full iOS 4.0 support except for iPhone specific features
  • iPod Touch 2G: Partial iOS 4.0 support. Doesn’t support multitasking, wallpaper and Bluetooth keyboard.
  • iPod Touch 1G: No iOS 4.0 support.

So if you have an iPhone 3GS or an iPod Touch 3G, then you can enjoy most of the features present in iOS 4.0.

Once you have found your iPhone or iPod touch model and decided to upgrade to iOS 4 Firmware, you need to update your iTunes to 9.2 if you haven’t done it already. Only the latest iTunes 9.2 supports iOS 4.0. Also don’t forget to take a backup of your data before upgrading to iOS 4 Firmware.

We warn you again that if you rely on Jailbreak or Unlock, then do not upgrade to iOS 4.0, until you hear from the iPhone Dev team. Stay tuned to TechHail to hear more about iOS 4 Upgrade, iOS 4.0 Jailbreak and Unlock.

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10 Responses to “iOS 4 Update For iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, iPhone 2G and iPod touch 3G, 2G and 1G”

  1. hitesh says:

    that’s a good post.i enjoy reading this.

    hitesh joshi

  2. Zoran says:

    guys just be careful with Jailbreak.

  3. Nice post thanks for sharing i am really enjoy this article.

  4. Hira says:

    hello, i have a iphone 3gs, the firmware version is 3.1.2 and its jailbreak unlock, can i update ios4 or if i update it i getting lock my phone. plz advise me.thx

  5. shiven says:

    hey hira,
    the unlock for 4.0 is not yet out….so wait untill the limera1n(upcoming unlock tool)is out…..its comin out soon….just stick to google to know the when it’s out……!!!….n till then don’t update your iphone coz the 3gs can’t be downgraded easily n u’ll have to wait untill limera1n is out to make calls frm 4.o..

  6. Lee says:

    If you rely on Jailbreak/Unlock to operate your phone DO NOT UPGRADE to 4.0 until the Dev team have fished out the safest jailbreak for it. IF you upgrade, your phone will relock/brick on you.

  7. Erik says:

    Does anyone know what happens if I update my already jailbroken iphone 3gs to iOS 4? Does it just install the new update and remove the jailbroken aspect? I do NOT rely on it being jailbroken so it should do no harm besides un-jailbreaking, right? I assume there are no software issues with doing this and all of my contacts will be saved.

  8. FLAVIUS says:

    why is it said that it works for ipod touch 1g ?
    1g doesnt support ios4 , right ?

  9. Erold says:

    Yea i think they messed up

  10. BALA says:


    i have 2g iphone how to upate ios4 software please advice to me your valuble comments


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