Launch of iOS 4.2 Imminent; Jailbreakers and Unlockers Asked to Stay Away from Upgrade

Written By Sam on 11 November 2010

The countdown to the launch of iOS 4.2 for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch has begun. Various internet reports claim it will be launched withing a couple of days. Reports are also pouring fast and thick that an iTunes update, the latest version 10.1, will be released before that; and it will support new features, including AirPlay and AirPrint.

While the jailbreaking community has been waiting eagerly for the event, what with a few tools lined up already to be released after the launch of the next-gen iOS. But it has been constantly reminding those keen on jailbreaking their iDevices to desist from upgrading their devices to the new iOS as by doing so they will end up upgrading the baseband, rendering their devices incapable of being unlocked.

One of the latest Twitter message from iPhone Dev cautioned:

@iPhone_Dev: iOS 4.2 is imminent. All jailbreaks and unlockers please read update #2 at (ask questions in comments)

Here is the update as written on the Dev Team’s official blog:

By all accounts, we’re within a few days of Apple’s official public release of Firmware 4.2. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Thanks to geohot’s limera1n exploit, and our original pwnage2 exploit, and @pod2g’s ipod2g-MC exploit, absolutely all devices at all iOS firmware versions are capable of being jailbroken.
  • The untethered jailbreak of those very latest FWs and latest devices depends on @comex hacks. His hacks so far extend only to 4.1 and 4.2beta3. He’s working on a way to extend it to 4.2 and beyond. Just wait for him to work out his method.
  • iPhone 3G and 3GS unlockers will be covered by our upcoming unlock. Stay away from any updates to Apple FW until our official release and you’ll be okay. Just stay away from all Apple IPSWs
  • iPhone4 unlockers are not left out in the cold. @sherif_hashim has found some very promising avenues to pursue. Those will be explored as soon as possible after all the 4.2 madness.

Translated into a layman’s terms, the above means:

  • If you wish to unlock your iDevice, stay away from the new version iOS. If you do so, you may be stuck with a device you may never be able to unlock.
  • For those only interested in the jailbreak, it would still be advisable to stay away from the upgrade and resist any urge to experiment at least till the time official updates from Cydia/redsn0w/PwnageTool are out; and we know for sure, the updates are around the corner.
  • Beware of scammers who may con you into buying or donating any unlock or jailbreak tool. Legitimate solutions are free. Don’t get into any donation trap.
  • Ensure you have saved your SHSH blobs for iOS 4.1 using TinyUmbrella.

Watch this space for more on this developing story.

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