Free iPhone 4 Case for All iPhone 4 Users to Fix Antenna Issue Until September 30

Written By Sam on 17 July 2010

At the iPhone 4 press conference to address the iPhone 4 signal issues Apple has mentioned that their ultimate job is to make the customers happy. As many iPhone 4 users are frustrated with the “Death Grip” issue Apple has decided to throw in iPhone 4 cases for all the users until September 30. Many users and developers have clearly said that an iPhone 4 case will solve the signal reception issue and even Apple was convinced with that and went ahead to give free iPhone 4 case. Apple also released iOS 4.0.1 which corrects the signal bars.

Jobs mentioned that they will offer a free case for every iPhone 4 that was purchased through September 30th. And if you have already bought a Bumper then Apple will refund the amount for you. Apple also added that as they couldn’t make enough Bumpers and they will offer a choice of cases. Starting late next week all iPhone 4 users can apply for free iPhone 4 case on the Apple website. The other best thing is that Apple will offer a “Full Refund” if you return undamaged iPhone 4 within 30 days of purchase.

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