Facebook Simulator for iPad: ‘Facepad for iPad’ Becomes the 15th Most Popular App

Written By Sam on 6 January 2011

It is surprising that Facebook, one of the most popular of social networking sites, has not yet got on to the iPhone/iPad scene. May be Mark Zuckerberg, CEO and founder of Facebook has his reasons, one of which may be his belief that iPad is not as mobile as a regular smartphone. Does that mean Apple users should be left out of the Facebook universe? Independent developers think otherwise and view this as an opportunity to come out with their own Facebook app which will work on the iPad, one of which is ‘Friendly for Facebook’.

There is yet another player on the scene in the form of Facepad for iPad, which was released only last week. This seems inspired by the Twitter client for iPad. This app has windows or tabs, which you can use to open multiple profiles. This app may appear rather unpolished but it works fine for users as can be inferred from the over million ad impressions within just 12 hours after it was released, which figure doubled within the next 24 hours. Not surprisingly it is the 15th most popular app on the iTunes App Store. Another reason for its popularity may be that it is totally free. It can be freely downloaded and lets iPad users access the Facebook community with relative ease.

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