eBay Mobile App Adds Augmented Reality, Now Available in App Store

Written By Sam on 9 January 2011

Shopping of products like clothes and sunglasses online is always a tedious job as we never knew how they looked upon us until and unless we tried them. But now, things changed and so as eBay, the most popular online shopping application. The mobile version of eBay app makes an attempt to fix this by implementing augmented reality on the mobile phone, which means that you can now visualize yourself with the products (clothes or sunglasses) you like by simply super imposing them upon your image and then proceed to purchase if you think it suits you well.

All the users of iPhone 4 can enjoy the augmented reality features “See It On” and “Outfit Builder” available in the eBay app. “See It On” lets you to take picture of yourself through the front facing camera, choose from the section of glasses brands available and fit them upon the face by pinching and zooming in. On the Other hand, “Outfit Builder” is dedicated to Clothes, wherein you can choose the best outfits from the eBay app and store them in the “Personalized Closet” then mix match items in the closet as per your preferences. You can even try them on by overlaying the clothes on a white canvas or a saved photo or even a live image.

We have to wait and see how well does eBay’s latest technology fix attracts and impresses users worldwide. Meanwhile, you can grab yourself eBay’s mobile app and enjoy shopping without much strain!

via AllThingsDigital

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