Download iOS 4.2 for Apple TV 2G; Stream Videos from iPhone to TV via AirPlay

Written By Sam on 23 November 2010

Apple always seems to lead the pack in technology. While the iOS 4.2 is miles ahead of competition in mobile software, the latest update to iOS 4.2, will now redefine functionality of the iPhone, the iPad and the iPod touch. This upgrade offers a host of features which includes a unified inbox, game center, airprint, multitasking, folders and the indubitably versatile AirPlay.

AirPlay will allow users of iPad, iPhone and iPod touch to transfer wirelessly photos, music and videos to TVs connected to the second-gen Apple TV. There is support for AirPlay, a revolutionary technology which will allow devices running on iOS 4.2 such as Macs and PCs running iTunes to stream video and play it back on a TV set through a local network via Apple TV. Apple TV met with criticism for its lack of ability to play streaming media. However, with this now updated iOS 4.2.1 and AirPlay features, streaming media is a practical reality.

This upgrade will also permit usage of AirPort Express and AirPlay to stream music to powered speakers or to AirPlay-enabled speakers expected in the markets soon.

Using this update and any of these three devices one can actually “push” content to an Apple TV with the latest software update. Both the TV as well as the iPhone-iPad-iPod touch will need to be connected through the same home network to work seamlessly.

With all these features and enhanced functions, it is not surprising that competition should be seem like small dots on the horizon… way behind.

Download iOS 4.2 for Apple TV 2G

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