Consumer Reports Still Won’t Recommend iPhone 4! Redesigned iPhone 4 Coming in September!!

Written By Sam on 17 July 2010

We have earlier written many articles regarding the network issues faced by the iPhone 4 and the various strategies Apple is implementing in order relief its users from those signal issues on iPhone 4. As in the process, Apple is now offering free cases to iPhone 4 users that would reduce the network issues that occur due to the way users hold the handset. This offer is valid only till 30th of September which makes all the techies wonder if Apple is set to announce a revamped iPhone 4 after September.

Though free cases for iPhone 4 are not a long-term solution to eradicate the network problems, it certainly is a good sign from Apple. Even Consumer Reports also feels the same. As the iPhone cases are given until September 30th, there are many chances that Apple will soon release a re-designed model of iPhone 4 with much better and enhanced performance and according to them that is main reason for confining the free iPhone 4 Bumper offer till September 30. We have to wait and see how much truth lies in this!

In the meanwhile, if you are an iPhone 4 user grab yourself a free Bumper Case before the offer is closed.

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