Apple iPhone 4 vs Google Nexus One – Complete Features Comparison

Written By Sam on 11 June 2010

The all new Apple iPhone 4 is launched at the WWDC10 and about to be released into the market by this month end. Comparison of the iPhone 4 has begun within its class of smart phones and one among them is Google’s first ever Android run phone Nexus One, from the network of T-Mobile/AT&T. As these both smart phones are available within the same network group, there would be a dilemma with the customers to choose between them and here is a small comparison to help out choose the best device.

The OS used by the iPhone 4 is iOS 4 and by the nexus one is Android 2.1 it is left to one’s choice as we cannot say that one of the OS is better than the other. But iOS on iPhone 4 will get more points than the Android on Nexus One because of the wide availability of different kinds of applications. The screen in Nexus One is a bit larger than iPhone 4 which is around 3.7 inches where as iPhone 4 has a 3.5 inches touch screen display. Nexus One is embedded with 512 MB RAM, ROM and the memory of iPhone 4 is not reveled yet but is expected to be the same.

Both the iPhone 4 and Nexus One comes with 5MP rear camera with flash, and iPhone has a front VGA camera too. While it comes to WiFi, Apple iPhone has got the upper hand with its supporting 802.11n for WiFi. The size of both Nexus One and iPhone 4 is almost same, with Nexus One weighing 3 ounces less than that of iPhone 4. From the above comparison it is learnt that both these mobiles are loaded with similar features, and would give Apple iPhone a good race for its survival.

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  1. Mark says:

    My nexus one connects to my router via 802.11n, yes thats right N, and Yes I am absolutely sure its not connecting via G, confirmed within router configuration page. Just FYI they don’t spec it out but it does do it, no idea why they decided to keep N out of the specs.

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