Apple Arranging a Press Conference on July 16 (Friday)! Addressing iPhone 4 Issues?

Written By Sam on 15 July 2010

Though Apple has sold Millions of iPhone 4 devices there are numerous users who are facing issues with the signal reception. Apple has sometime said that the issue is not a hardware problem but just a software issue and it promised to release an update to iOS 4.0 which would fix the iPhone 4 signal issues. As promised Apple has released the iOS 4.1 Beta which will fix the reception issues on iPhone 4. And now Apple has called for a Press meet on July 16 Friday.

Though the details about the Apple Press conference on July 16th Friday is not very clear, it is very much clearly expected that Apple will address about the iPhone 4 issues in detail. The iOS 4.1 update will just fix the algorithm behind the calculation of signal bars and it is not very clear that the total issue about iPhone 4 signal reception will be solved. Or is it that Apple is throwing away free bumpers for iPhone 4 ?! 🙂

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  1. You know I have conducted my own test with this so-called iPhone 4 antenna issue and according to my test it shows that this is in fact a “non-issue”. For all you users that need some reassurance that Apple will never fail you check the article which shows how much of an issue (or lack there of) this actually is at

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