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Written By Sam on 28 November 2012

Sign up with your Twitter login and it’s even easier. Signing up for free Twitter account is pretty simple – just visit https://twitter.com/. Twitter is one of the most popular social networking sites, and it is usually a breeze signing in to it. You can use Twitter account to know what your friends are doing, to know what’s happening around the world right now, breaking news etc. Joining Twitter is to access the new ways to communicate with people, friends and relatives. It’s a new age way to communicate. Twitter is a micro blogging service and also joins the breed of other popular social networking sites like Facebook and Google Plus.

Creating an account in Twitter is free. But there may be a time when you could be facing signing or logging in problems. To create an account in Twitter users has to visit twitter.com. You will see text fields where you can choose and Enter full name. This will be your Twitter handle. You have to enter a valid email address and enter your password, having done that, click on the Sign up. You will receive an email notification, which will be quite self-explanatory. Once done, you can visit twitter.com again and enter your username and password and click on the sign in button to log in to your Twitter account. Sometimes sign in issues occur when you use the wrong password, and these can be easily fixed by resetting your password.

After sign in to Twitter account users can see different features which supports and helps the users like Welcome to Twitter Support, My profile and account settings, Search, Finding and following people, Guidelines and Best Practices, Announcements and New stuff, Features, Tweets and Messages, Linking to your blog or website. With the help of Twitter support we can get to know Twitter: New user FAQ, How to Sign up on Twitter, The Twitter Glossary. My profile and account settings helps to change your password or recover password, to change your email address, username, to change country settings, language settings. It also shows how to deactivate or reactivate your account, to change profile photo and information, to know how to protect and unprotect your tweets, to manage multiple Twitter Accounts. Search option shows how to search on Twitter, to find people on Twitter, to promote your profile, to save searches. Finding and following people makes users to know, how to find people on Twitter, to promote your profile, Block users on Twitter, about people you may suggestions.

Guidelines and practices includes Rules and best practices, How to report spam on Twitter, Automation rules and best practices, About Twitter Limits. Announcements and New Stuff shows Twitter Tour, which shows what’s going around, what’s where on twitter.com. Features show how to use Twitter lists, about user galleries, about discover, about the activity and interaction tabs, Twitter translation Center. Tweets and messages, to know how to post a Tweet, how to delete or Retweet a Tweet, favorite a Tweet.

Twitter service is free to join and fun begins when users on Twitter subscribe to your messages by following your account. So, users will have ‘followers’ & ‘followed’.

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