Why Should I Advertise on Bing?

Written By Sam on 17 June 2015

Bing advertising is something you should definitely consider in your biddable media strategy. It can make a huge difference to your existing online marketing strategy and give you a real advantage over your competitors. You can drive up traffic to your website and increase visibility by using Bing to your advantage.

The Yahoo Bing Network is a platform which combines advertising from both Yahoo and Bing. This means that you can bring your marketing to this network with Bing Ads. As an advertising network this is particularly advantageous to use as the Yahoo Bing network has many powerful syndicated partner sites. Normally you would not be able to reach these using Google Adwords but through this route you can, making a huge difference to your company’s profile.

You can achieve a huge reach with the Yahoo Bing network which includes increasing your reach by about 30%. Bing Ads reach up to 20 million searchers, which means that you are widening your pool of potential customers exponentially. It is also a great tactical move to advertise with Bing PPC because many competitors haven’t caught up with this yet, so you will be much more visible. Millions of Bing users do not use Google to search so your content is being seen by them, because you have cast your net wider.

Bing PPC

Bing is also cost effective for your company, as the cost per click is much lower than using Google Adwords, since the competition is lower. This means that you can put together an effective and affordable marketing strategy by going down this avenue, while having noticeable results.

Many companies see Google as the dominant search engine to be seen on and ignore other options, but forget that some people make a point of using alternatives such as Yahoo. This is why considering Bing as an option is a smart move; otherwise you can miss out on potential customers and shoppers.

Bing Ads has also made getting your ads up and running very straightforward, as well as the option to import your ads from Google Adwords so that you can transfer your campaign straight over. You can do this with an entire account or a single campaign in an easy five step process which means that in a few clicks you are reaching the millions of searchers you were previously missing out on.

In the USA nearly a third of searches are conducted on the Yahoo Bing Network so there are numerous reasons to get on it. More leads are driven by Bing Ads, leading to more sales and traffic while keeping your overheads down. In this economy it is important to get more for your money and be smart about your business decisions.

There are also particular industries which can benefit all the more from advertising through Bing, such as the travel industry. 16 million people use Bing for travel related purchases instead of Google so it is well worth using this as a platform if you work in this area.

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  1. Kachi peter says:

    To create awareness to costumers about product and services

  2. Manoj says:

    These days I used Google ad words , time to shift to bing
    Thanq for the post will update my experience

  3. Marianne says:

    I am interested as I am an author. How do I go about it?

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