WebKit’s WebGL / Canvas 3D Brings 3D Graphics Natively Inside Web Pages

Written By Sam on 16 September 2009

WebGL brings 3D graphics into web browsers natively, without any plugins to be downloaded. This is done by adding a few things to HTML like JavaScript binding to openGL ES 2.0 which allows to draw things into a 3D context of the canvas element. The WebGL is making a reality by combining the canvas element, a bit of JavaScript, and the OpenGL 3D drawing engine. If this project is successful then you would be playing 3D games in your browser itself.


WebGL defines the use of OpenGL in websites using the standards canvas element. WebGL has just started turning up in developer builds of Webkit which is the engine behind Safari and Google Chrome. FireFox has an extension which enables an implementation of Canvas 3D, and Opera has supported its own canvas 3D. The native 3D games to really take off on the web have to be supported for a much larger percentage of web users. The WebGL working group is Google, Mozilla and Opera. WebGL renders hardware accelerated, 3D graphics natively inside the web page. WebGL could have big implications for gaming. This is really cool and it gives updates to the latest Webkit with which you can render 3D scenes inside of 3D scenes.

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