Vodafone ZooZoo Teaser Ads Shows 3G Superman! Vodafone India 3G Services Launch Imminent!!

Written By Sam on 27 February 2011

Vodafone India seems to launch its 3G services soon into the market, as its new promotions project ZooZoo’s in a new Avatar – The 3G Superman! Vodafone also posted interesting message on their Facebook page which indicates a campaign that featuring Zoozoos describing about a flying object which eventually turns out to be the 3G Superman!

New promotional advertisement of Vodafone depicts the 3G Superman as Faster, Smarter and Better than any other wireless technology available in India. The peak 3G speed indicated was 21.1 Mbps which if true would certainly threaten all the existing 3G operators.

Vodafone also indicated that something new is planned for release at 11am on 28th February 2011 and with all these promotional activities, we assume it be their 3G services. And as per the sources, the availability of the 3G services will be one day after the release. So let’s wait one more day for Vodafone’s 3G services!

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Vodafone 3G Speed Ad

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