[Video] – Nokia N900, iPhone Bootloader, Motorola CLIQ, Zune vs iPhone, Nokia Booklet 3G and Google Wave

Written By Sam on 20 October 2009

Usually I love to watch videos on YouTube which are focused on latest Mobiles and Laptops. Last week I had come across some of the videos like “How to Check Your iPhone Bootloader Version (Windows)”, “Nokia N900 Demo”, “Demo of the Motorola CLIQ with MOTOBLUR”, “Google Wave: 15 features”, “Zune HD vs iPhone 3GS/iPod Touch” and “Official Nokia Booklet 3G Commercial” which I thought of sharing with you.

How to Check Your iPhone Bootloader Version (Windows)

The below video shows instructions on how to find your iPhone Bootloader version using BBUpdaterExtreme on Windows. You can follow these instructions shown in the video to determine if an unlock is possible on an accidentally upgraded iPhone 3G. Before you follow the instructions, MobileTerminal and OpenSSH should be installed from Cydia. You also require WinSCP and BBUpdaterExtreme

Nokia N900 Demo (HD)

If you are following this Blog you must be remembering that I had already covered two articles related to Nokia N900 : “Nokia N900 – Open Source Linux Based Maemo 5 Mobile” and “Maemo 5 based Nokia N900“. The two articles covers a lot Nokia N900 and Maemo 5 features. The below video is a demo of the Nokia N900 Smatphone which runs on Maemo 5 OS.

Demo of the Motorola CLIQ with MOTOBLUR

Motorola CLIQ With MOTOBLUR is the first Android Powered Mobile from Motorola. With Motorola CLIQ you can easily update your contacts, posts, messages, photos and sync them from sources including Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and Gmail. The below video is a Demo of the Motorola CLIQ by Rick Osterlo, VP of Product Development at Motorola.

Google Wave: 15 features

There is a lot of Buzz in the Blog-O-Sphere about the latest Google Wave. There are many people who are still looking for their Google Wave invitation. If you are already on Google Wave then below is a video which tells you how to use 15 of the features of Google Wave.

Zune HD vs iPhone 3GS/iPod touch

Below is a video which compares Zune HD with iPhone 3GS/iPod Touch. OLED vs LCD TFT in Outdoor and Indoor, Zune Browser vs iPhone Browser, HD video output via HDMI, and so on are compared in this video.

Latest Official Nokia Booklet 3G Commercial

We have already covered about Nokia Booklet 3G which boasts 12 hours battery life. Nokia Booklet 3G Netbook comes with a 10-inch glass HD ready display. Nokia Booklet 3G is powered by the Intel Atom processor. Nokia Booklet 3G mini-laptop weighs just 1.25 kilograms, measures a little more than 2cm thin and offers wide range of connectivity options which includes 3G/ HSPA and Wi-Fi. Below is a commercial video about the Nokia Booklet 3G.

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