Upload Photos to Orkut from Picasa With “Share Photos on Orkut” Plugin

Written By Sam on 6 March 2010

Now you can easily share your Picasa photos on Orkut directly with the ‘Share photos on orkut‘ plugin. To start sharing your photos on orkut you just have to install an orkut button on Picasa program by installing the ‘Share photos on orkut’ plugin. This plugin is avilable for both Windows and Mac and makes sharing your photos with your friends as easy as clicking a button.

Orkut is one of the widely used social networking site in Brazil and India and this move by Google to get Picasa and Orkut closer is a worthy step. You can modify your photos in Picasa and upload them to orkut directly. While installing the plugin if your Internet browser asks your permission to launch the Picasa software, say “yes.” Once Picasa opens, simply add the orkut button. Once you are done, you will see a new button with the familiar orkut logo at the bottom of your Picasa screen. After that all you have to do is just select the photos you want to upload to orkut and click the orkut button.

Download Share photos on orkut plugin

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  1. sunny says:

    hey plug in is not working Error 404 is appearing”’

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