Now, UberTwitter Available for the iPhone; No longer a Blackberry Exclusive

Written By Sam on 27 November 2010

Till now Blackberry users considered themselves as super-exclusive Twitterers, their tweets exceeding a figure of 10 million a day. This was possible through the exclusive only-for-Blackberry users UberTwitter client downloaded by more than 9 million users. Their exclusivity may now be dented somewhat with the announcement by Ubertwitter of a version which will be available for iPhone users who can expect to tweet on happily with this client for the iOS mobile platform. Ubertwitter is rushing to take advantage of the growing number of smartphone users who are opting for iPhones.

Ubertwitter has announced Beta of this iPhone app, which will permit standard Twitter facilities like:

  • Direct messaging
  • Re-tweeting
  • Tweeting
  • Links within tweet from inside the app
  • Open a new window within tweets

Uberview is a super facility specifically for iPhone devices to take advantage of its features. Tilt the iPhone horizontally and the app reorients to the landscape view, splitting the screen into two with tweets on the left hand and linked content to the right. The only distracting feature is that UberTwitter promotes ads at the bottom of the screen and this takes up space. More than 10000 iPhone users who have downloaded the Beta version are tweeting away happily. With a button on the screen Tweeters will now be able to give feedback and suggestions on mods to UberTwitter which, hopefully, it will incorporate in future releases. Not all Blackberry features of UberTwitter have as yet been incorporated into this release for the iPhone but should be..soon.

Nonetheless iPhone tweeters anticipate eagerly its release of the final v.10 version slated for the middle of December this year. UberTwitter once again demonstrates that it is a leader in mobile Tweeting clients.

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