Thunderbird 3 Released by Mozilla Messaging With Improved Features

Written By Sam on 10 December 2009

Here’s a good news for all those who want a personal and familiar email experience, Mozilla messaging, a subsidiary of Mozilla has announced “Thunderbird3”. Thunderbird3 is the latest version of Mozilla’s free and open source email application, which is fast and intuitive with many enhanced features.

An excellent desktop-based e-mail client and certainly an Outlook replacement, Thunderbird3 works on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux platforms and is available in 49 different languages. With more than 2,000 improvements and several new features included it also contains modernized search and message indexing, tab support, a revamped setup wizard and Gmail integration with better recognition and integration of Gmail’s special folders.

Thunderbird 3 Released by Mozilla Messaging With Improved Features

Prominent features of Thunderbird3 include

Email with Tabs: Thunderbird3 enables users to view the individual emails and folders in tabs as well as to view the web pages as add-ons in tabs. It provides the users to jump quickly in between the tabs in a similar way as one manages web pages in Mozilla’s Firefox. The CTRL+Tab hot key combination can be used to cycle through your tabs, and there is an open tab button on the right side of the tab bar to help manage your tabs.

Message Archive: Archiving mail option in Thunderbird3 provides the user to maintain their old emails as well as enables them to find email months or years older.

One-click Address Book: You can now add people to your address book in Thunderbird3 just by clicking on the star icon in the messages received, which makes the process more easy and quick.

New Mail Account Setup Wizard: The new account set-up wizard requires simple information, as email addresses and passwords instead of a user’s IMAP, SMTP, SSL/TLS settings which makes it simple to get started with Thunderbird 3.

Better Integration with Gmail: Thunderbird3 integrates with international versions of Gmail along with the Gmail’s special folders such as sent and trash.

Automated Updates: Thunderbird3 has a provision to auto update the system. The Automatic updates, notifies the users when a security update is available and automatically initiates the download and installation of the updates available.

Smart Folders: This feature of Thunderbird3 enables you to manage multiple email accounts in one spot. The new beta offers the traditional multiple-folder-based solution, as well as the new dumping-ground style, which can be activated via the “A” hot key.

Add-ons Manager: You can find, download and install hundreds of add-ons enabling them to customize Thunderbird 3 and add functionality or change the appearance using the new add-ons manager.

Filtered Search: The new search interface of Thunderbird 3 facilitates the user with filtering and timeline tools for quick and accurate search and is based on analysis of the user’s own emails.

Better Integration with Windows and Mac OS X: Thunderbird3 has support for Windows 7, Vista, and Mac OS X Snow Leopard with an upgraded look and feel, improvised import tools, search integration and address book support.

Gecko 1.9.1 Engine: Thunderbird3 uses Gecko 1.9.1 Engine, which provides latest Web Standards support and security enhancements. The same web page rendering engine and graphics infrastructure is used in Firefox.

Thunderbird is definitely a very good try if you are looking for a freeware desktop client. If you have already started using the latest version do let us know about your experience.

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    This looks cool.. I am soon going to use mozilla.

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