Tata Sky Introduces Individual Channel Selection; Good Deal For Those Watching Limited Channels

Written By Sam on 12 January 2011

The Digital TV revolutionized Indian TV viewing experience. However, most DTH operators offered a ‘bouquet’ with a minimum basic requirement with add-ons, which meant a consumer had to pay for channels he never wanted or would never view.

Tata Sky claims to be the first in India to offer Individual Channel Selection for DTH subscribers through its ‘Make My Pack’ service to be available from 10 January 2011. For the first time, subscribers will be able to select individual channels and pay for only what they like and what they want to view.

This news could sound like music from heaven to DTH subscribers were it not for the one catch that brings us all back to where we were: having to shell out quite a sum from our pockets every month. Individual channel selection is available but the minimum cost should be Rs. 150 at least. This would be a fair pricing or so it seems. However, a subscriber has to make a commitment for 3 months at least and cannot change his selection before the end of that period. This means you will have to continue with a particular subscription plan for that period even if you have a change of mind.

Only a few channels in the ‘Active’ range of interactive content will be excluded with almost all others freed up for individual selection. Each channel is likely to have individual pricing, for example Star Movies may cost as high as Rs. 24 per month while CNN-IBN may be only Rs. 5 per month. Similarly, individual channels may be priced higher than the current bouquet price. It is also possible to mix and match a ‘TruChoice’ pack with individual channels.

If a subscriber wants all channels this option from Tata Sky will be more expensive. However if he views only a limited number of channels then it may save him money. Whether there is indeed a positive benefit for the customer or it is just old wine in new bottle is to be seen.

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  1. balasundaram says:

    i required only tamil channel. but i am activated other channel and active cooking which was not seen by my family. why additional expenses.but no way to tell.and nobody help us. the money going waste. customercare and no guideness not available.what can i do. giode me through my e mail id bsundaram47@yahoo.co.in

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