Playcast Media Partners with Portugal Telecom to Launch High-end Video Game Streaming Service

Written By Sam on 17 November 2010

Playcast Media has announced its high-tech video game streaming service, which will actually enable end users to stream video games and save them the expense of having to buy game discs or even download from the internet and store the huge files on their hard drives. Users will be able to subscribe to the service at 10 Euros a month which includes AAA video game titles as well. The service allows for unlimited game streaming throughout the month.

The initial launch will be with Portugal Telecom followed by a string of impressive software partners of which none require game consoles to run their games like Disney, Capcom, Codemasters, Activision, Atari, THQ, Strategy First and many more.

When the service first launches, it will be possible to stream video games only on personal computers through a USB controller or a mouse or keyboard that can be customized to play back the games on the user’s TV screens. However, with time the service will also be integrated into the set to boxes which will allow games to be streamed straight to the television.

Only users subscribing to Portugal Telecom’s services will get the streaming service. The service has been launched under Portugal Telecom’s Meo brand and will be played with the Meo gamepad.

The general working of the system involves the games to be executed, rendered and streamed as MPEGs from the telecom’s data centers to the consumers through high quality but low latency FTTH access network.

Such a deal is yet to come to the US and Verizon seems to be wanting to the first one to pioneer the service.

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