Skype Announces SkypeKit Beta Program for Developers and Consumer Electronic Device Makers

Written By Sam on 25 June 2010

Skype is one of the most popular applications that entered the market 7 years ago and made its users familiar with making phone calls over the web. It is said to be the first VOIP service available for the Internet users which gives them the freedom of making calls all over the world. Throughout these years Skype has maintained its voice quality over the web and also for the landlines and mobile phones at a very cheaper rates.

Skype is now all set to revolutionize the communication system over the net by launching its own Software Development Kit (SDK) named SkypeKit. Initially SkypeKit will be available as a beta on an invitation only basis. SkypeKit based on the Linux OS for consumer electronic device makers will be available from June 23. For desktop software developers, SkypeKit will be available for Windows and Mac in the next few weeks. The company is confident that it would also boost the revenue by pushing Skype onto more devices. SkpeKit is believed to have complete set of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for all its features including video calling, file sharing and many more. With all these advanced features of the SkypeKit it is aimed at the betterment of the communication of the users. Skype is also working on the development of the SkpeKit to make it available on with different platforms and also help the developers creating the best applications for every class of users.

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