Silverlight 4 Features Printing Support, Rich Reporting and Charting

Written By Sam on 18 March 2010

After the popular Silverlight 3 that delivered a new class of Rich Internet Applications for desktops, now it’s the turn of Silverlight 4 to captivate all of us! This latest version of Silverlight packs with many enhanced features and controls, which blended, makes Microsoft application development tools such as Microsoft Visual Studio and Microsoft Expression Blend, world class.

Surpassing Silverlight 3, the developer release of Silverlight 4 embedds great printing support, amazingly rich reporting and charting techniques with impressive integration of back-end systems and server products. Delivering enhanced data-binding and tooling support, automatically bound controls, editable design surface, data source selection, Silverlight project support, full IntelliSense and extensible Framework, Silverlight 4 is a full suite of powerful capabilities.

Silverlight extends its capabilities by providing various enhancements for both Sandboxed applications and trusted applications. In Silverlight 4, developers will notice a much tighter HTML integration with the content from the browsers within the application, enhanced COM automation processes that enable access to devices and other system capabilities, a new user interface for requesting application privileges, Full keyboard support in full-screen mode and many other features as well.

Silverlight 4 will provide the developers with many enticing features that include Rich property grid, new editor values, fully editable design surface with impressive controls and layouts, easy to pick styles and resources, built-in Expression blend and Editor with full IntelliSence for XAML, C# and VB languages hence making their job easier.

Silverlight 4 is an ideal platform for developing / deploying modern business applications and high performance interactive applications both customer facing as well as staff-facing applications. In order to develop applications in Silverlight 4 using Visual Studio, developer will require pre-installed Visual Studio 2010 or Visual Web Developer Express software’s.

New Features of Silverlight

  • Impressive printing support that enables printing hard copy reports and documents view in a virtual print view and is independent of the screen content
  • Over 60 customizable and stylish components and many new controls like Rich Textbox with hyperlinks, images and masked text box for complex field validation along with Enhanced controls such as DataGrid with sort able/resizable columns and copy/paste rows.
  • Support for Webcam and microphone for instance for chat or customer service from the applications
  • Support conventional desktop interaction models as well as support for Google’s Chrome browser.
  • Provides Fluid interface enhancements advance application usability through animation effects.
  • Support for Multi-touch interactions
  • Support for Multi-cast networking.
  • Fully editable design surfaces with Rich properties and easy pick styles.
  • WCF RIA Services for building n-tier applications
  • Enhancements in Localization with Bi-Directional text
  • Ability to run on the desktop and Silverlight, the same compiled code in .NET Common Runtime (CLR) without making any changes in the code
  • Enhanced data-binding support and extensibility of the Framework

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