Run More Efficiently with Colocation

Written By Sam on 28 August 2011

For many small retail businesses, the upkeep and maintenance of running a server can be a frightening task. If you do not have your own IT department on staff, there is a risk of losing your entire company’s data. Even if you do have IT personnel employed, there are still issues of hiring specialized contractors to properly clean your equipment, dealing with possible theft, and even worrying about accidents such as fire or natural disasters. Colocation services offer secure server upkeep and allow you to focus on the more important parts of running your business.

If you are running a sporting goods store with locations in several cities within a several state area, information between locations is vital to providing employees with information and ensuring customers receive the service they demand. Instead of storing information on separate servers for each store it is much easier to maintain a single server at your main location. But if your equipment is damaged at the one location every store will suffer.

Think of a colocation server as a secure collection of servers that receive attention from specialists that they require. When you store your information offsite, it relieves the burden off the company’s shoulders and allows your employees to tend to normal business and administrative tasks. Datacenters are maintained by highly technical employees and use the fastest fiber-optics to ensure your data is sent as efficiently as possible.

Instead of building an entire room to your most valuable data, a colocation service provides all of the state-of-the-art amenities you want for storage but can’t afford to build. Instead of spending a fortune on a massive cooling system, humidity control, and fire protection walls, the colocation service provides these utilities.

If you store information at your retail location and power fails, it can lead to a catastrophic meltdown in communication between stores. Storing your information offsite can ensure your other locations are still operational if such an event occurs. Datacenters provide backup power generators and backup batteries to guarantee your information is always available.

By using colocation services your equipment will not only be stored in a protective environment, it will also be protected by physical security. Colocation centers have guards watching over around the clock and employ the use of closed circuit television. Most centers require employees carry access cards, memorize pin numbers, use voice recognition, perform retina scans, and several other James Bond type tactics to allow clients to see their equipment.

Why take a chance on running your own server when a colocation datacenter is a sound and reliable alternative?

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  1. Rob Benwell says:

    Server colocation is a technology that consolidates computer data equipment to make it run more efficiently, boosted by a strong internet connection and power backup. This is usually performed at a data center where an owner of a business takes his or her machine to so that it can be operated from there. The reason is that this facility is located in an area that is proximate to a strong network connectivity that can increase the bandwidth of the equipment. Thus, even when the owner is operating the machines remotely from their own offices, they are able to download more data than they could do single-handedly.

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