PDF Emailing and Printing Possible Through Updated iBooks from Apple

Written By Sam on 29 November 2010

There is no end to newer introductions from Apple to make its devices more user friendly. The latest from this Cupertino-based giant is its plans to add folders to iBooks resulting in better iBooks management. “Collections” as it will be entitled will help organize folders on iBooks, somewhat similar to the iOS4 homescreen.

The segregation will be into Books and PDFs. While these two collections already exist on the iBooks apps, the new feature is expected to let users create their own lists separately for books and for PDFs and further, these two collections can be moved around. “Collections” is represented by a clickable button, enabling user to tap on the iBooks toolbar to bring up a list of the collections, while they would simultaneously be there on the bookshelf also. You can create a new collection, edit it and also delete it. However, the built in Books and PDF collection cannot be removed or edited. The collections can be renamed too.

A PDF can be moved to the collection just as a book can be and you can select the collection to move it to. The limitation is that one item can only be stored in one collection, not in multiple collections. With these improvements users can categorize and classify their collections for easy accessibility.

What is more interesting is that the PDFs stored in iBooks can be emailed as attachments and using the AirPrint app, they can also be printed on a compatible printer. One can set the printing range too.

These are interesting new developments on the iBook front, enhancing its capabilities still further.

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