Digital Chocolate Launches Ninjas Rising on Facebook; Game Challenges Players to Rise Through Ranks of Ninja Clans

Written By Sam on 21 November 2010

Digital Chocolate, a player in social games, has announced the launch of Ninjas Rising on Facebook. Ninjas Rising will give users the chance to become a weapon-wielding ninja and challenge others on the social networking site.

The game allows players to:

  • Rise through the ranks of the ninja clans by defeating overlords and enemies
  • Customize their ninja’s look, gear, fighting styles and more.
  • Choose from over 20,000 combinations to create a ninja with its own flair and style.

The game comes complete with Geishas who entertain players to come back to the game with renewed energy. In order to increase their performance, players must improve their skills in ancient fighting styles using Stealth, Pyro and Throwing Weapons. For each fighting style, there’s a set of techniques and combos that a player needs to master in order bring down opponents.

Created specifically to take advantage of the social features, players can fight and train with friends on Facebook. Digital Chocolate will be upgrades for Ninjas Rising in the coming weeks including more ways to interact with friends and new content for the game.

The game will be available to play for free on Facebook.

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