Yahoo Updates Web & Mobile Homepages With More Features

Written By Sam on 27 May 2009

Yahoo had announced updates for its homepage for desktop as well as mobile users. The pages are more customized than they were earlier and had been designed keeping in view of the present day user needs. The updates are mainly aimed at improving the user experience with more apps, social pulse and easier email. Now we can make our homepage more interesting with these updates.


What’s new at Yahoo?

The new Yahoo Mobile is available for more than 300 mobiles and as an Apple iPhone app in more than 8 countries now, with more launching soon. Yahoo is in the process of making Mobile homepage as the default homepage after moving out of beta. Rich features are designed in Yahoo Mobile, which allows you to bring all your favorite content and services across the web together, which makes it more personal. You can customize it with my Yahoo! Mail, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo! Messenger accounts, favorite blog feeds and many more.

The overall look and feel of the Yahoo home page will be familiar, but when you take a closer look, you can see some fundamental improvements and packed in features that can be easily used. The “My Favorite” area on the left side of the page includes an application “dashboard” which enables you to preview, interact with or navigate to your favorite sites.


There are many new features like lots more apps which includes eBay, Myspace and content sites like USA Today and NPR. It also has newly developed apps for popular yahoo services like Messenger, Movies and Flickr. The Second is Social Pulse, a new updates app which allows you to keep in contact with your friends online activities directly from homepage like recent articles or videos updated to YouTube etc. The last one is Easier email, gets you the exact mail you want at a faster rate.

The new Yahoo India homepage will include a Cricket app and a whole host of other features and apps that are India centric. Yahoo as a global company is creating localized homepages for many countries now. The designs are being tested and are changing accordingly. Aren’t you excited to see the new homepage? Do send me your thoughts!

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