Now, New Facebook Profile Mandatory for All Users

Written By Sam on 11 January 2011

What was an optional upgrade till 6 December 2010 will now be mandatory for all Facebook users who will be migrated to the profile redesign. The focus in the redesign is on their work, current city where they are located, relationship status, display of tagged photos, family members, select groups, friends lists, right on the Facebook landing tag.

As is to be expected, this change has met with resistance from a minority of users who cite some drawbacks such as giving friends too much power over what is displayed on their profile. However, change is inevitable and Facebook users will have to learn to live with this redesign.

While it was in the optional stage, a user could press a ‘get the new profile’ button of a friend who had upgraded or from the new profile’s introduction page. The prompts to upgrade became more insistent and finally Facebook has announced that all users, regardless of their desire, will be migrated to the new redesign. Some protests are inevitable since some people are inherently resistant to change or reluctant to outgrow their old ways and adopt new ways.

Facebook is managing such protests through a gradual process and might backtrack only if there are serious problems and that too after careful consideration. However, as matters stand, the profile redesign is apparently well thought out and worked out. Visiting a new profile is like a real life introduction process and gets basic information about looks, location and a little of the background.

Since the information is prominently displayed, users will have to take care to be accurate and update themselves on Facebook. Based on user feedbacks, this redesign will continue to be modified and updated for some time to come. Since the friend’s wall has been pushed into the background, this might be a disappointment for some already existing users. Users can hide photos from the recently tagged photo panel and these photos can be displayed again through an ‘unhide all’ button in the profile editor.

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