Adding Microsoft Bing as Default Search in Firefox, IE8, Opera & Chrome

Written By Sam on 1 June 2009

Today Microsoft had launched their new search engine “Bing“. There is really a very good feedback from many users saying that “Microsoft Bing” is doing well. When I tried Bing from my Windows 7 machine with the URL it redirected me to It looked good with a beautiful image in the background. After the search results you can see a small bar which will show you more information about the site or web page when you hover on it. There are really lot many features to explore.


After that I tried changing the URL from to and to my surprise it showed the US version of Bing which is looking very much different. It showed me an image of hot air balloons over Cappadocia, Central Anatolia, Turkey, Asia. On the main page you also search for Images and Videos, Do your Shopping, Explore News, Maps and Travel. There are also many other things like cashback account for shoppers, Bing community blogs, Bing API 2.0 for developers and more.


Adding Bing as Default Search Engine in Firefox, IE, Opera and Chrome

Adding Bing Search to Firefox

So if you are interested in trying out Microsoft’s Bing on Firefox then you can use the Bing Firefox Add-on. The Microsoft Bing Firefox addon will bring Bing Search with search suggestions to your Firefox. Download Bing Add-on for Firefox.

Adding Bing Search to IE8

If you are using Internet Explorer 8 then just visit – to add Bing Search to IE8. There are also many Bing Accelerators for IE8 like Bing Maps, Bing Translator, Shop and Save with Bing Shopping and Bing Image Search. There are also Bing Web Slices for IE8 like Weather from Bing, Finance from Bing and Traffic from Bing. You can get all the Bing add-ons for IE8 here –

Adding Bing Search to Opera


If you are using Opera and are looking to add Bing as default search engine in Opera, then right-click in the site’s search field and select “Manage Search Engines”. Now click Add and give the Name as ‘Bing’, Keyword as ‘m’ and Address as ““. Do select the option ‘use as default search’ to make Bing as your default search engine.

Adding Bing Search to Google Chrome


To set Bing as default search engine in Chrome, go to Settings > Options and in the Basics tab click on Manage present under Default Search. Now click Add and give the name as ‘Bing’, Keyword as ‘’ and URL as ““. Finally click on ‘Make Default’ to make Microsoft Bing as your default search engine in Google Chrome.

Did you observer that Bing has got a ‘Preview’ tag for US version and ‘Beta’ tag for Indian version?

Do send us your feedback after trying out Microsoft Bing!

8 Responses to “Adding Microsoft Bing as Default Search in Firefox, IE8, Opera & Chrome”

  1. Atul says:

    nice info but useless for me as I m a Google fan anyways thnx for info 🙂

    • Samrat P says:


      Thank you very much.. Many people have told that they wont leave Yahoo search way back when Google has come into picture… But things changed.. Probably this time Bing may change things.. lets see how well it goes!!. Even I’m a BIG fan of Google.. 🙂

  2. pauloaguia says:

    I’m a Opera user and didn’t think Bing was so different from google until someone pointed out the preview site option. Well, guess what it didn’t display in my browser. I’ve been doing some checking and found out that the source code of the page was different. If I make my browser identify itself as IE, then I get the correct source code and everything works.
    It works correct on Firefox too… and it works on Opera, if I can convince the serve to send the full source code for the page.

    So, what’s up Microsoft, why are you excluding my browser? They’re starting with the wrong foot, as far as I’m concerned…

    • Samrat P says:


      Hey thanks for the observation. I hope MS will rectify it soon. It’s just the first steps that were taken by Bing.. Though it may not give a tough competition to Google…a competitor is needed so that they provide better services to us!! 🙂

  3. ujar says:

    Thanks for the chrome tip

  4. Chris says:

    Ufortunately Bing configured in Opera 10.53 as a search engine (using the URL given above) is not properly handling UTF-8 characters in search string. Anyony has any idea, how to force it to recognize UTF-8 in search string? Thank you.

  5. k. says:

    doesn’t work for IE8 tried adding it and nothing happened

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