Logitech Wireless Speaker Z515 and Laptop Speaker Z305 Announced

Written By Sam on 4 September 2010

If you are Laptop user then you must be aware of the music quality they provide with the so called in-built tiny speakers. But you can rejoice listening great quality music even from your notebook as Logitech has released two new portable speakers that can be used with Laptops. Logitech’s Z515 is a wireless speaker wherein Z305 is a Laptop Speaker that would be available in the market by September.

Residing on the laptop lid, these towable speakers greatly enhance music quality of your Mac or PC notebook. Using standard 2.4GHz transceiver, Logitech’s wireless speaker Z515 works well up to 50 meters away, all you have to do is connect the USB port and stream away. Z305 uses a USB cable for power up, whereas you can even use the rechargeable battery that enables you to listen 10 hrs of music once charged.

Expected to be available from September, Logitech Wireless speaker Z515 will be retailed for a price of $99.99 (USD) wherein Logitech Laptop Speaker Z305 will be priced around $59.99 (USD). Being portable and efficient, these speakers are really worth trying!

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