ISRO Unveiled Details About Chandrayaan 2; Chandrayaan 2 to Carry 7 Payloads

Written By Sam on 1 September 2010

After successful completion of Chadrayaan, India’s maiden moon mission of Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), is working towards its next mission – Chandrayaan 2. With most complex and meticulous planning involved, this mission is expected to take three more years to launch. ISRO has recently announced few details involved in its next mission. As per the information provided, Chandrayaan 2 will carry 7 payloads from various countries including Russian lunar-lander.

Objectives of Chandrayaan 2 are yet under wraps and detailed is simultaneously going on in various centres of ISRO in India. Availing services of the larger GSLV (Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle), Chandrayaan 2 mission includes a wheeled rover that would be used to scourge the lunar surface for soil and rock specimen. Other payloads include scientific instruments and mappers similar to those utilized in Chandrayaan 1. India’s GSLV’s maiden flight that uses ingeniously built Kaveri Cryogenic engine was a failure back in April 2010, so experts except Chandrayaan 2 to be delayed which we have to wait and see!

Details of Chandrayaan 2

  • ISRO Satellite Centre’s (ISAC, Bangalore) Large Area Soft X-ray Spectrometer (CLASS) and Physical Research Laboratory’s (PRL, Ahmadabad ) Solar X-ray Monitor (XSM) for mapping the major elements present on the lunar surface.
  • L and S band Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) from Space Applications Centre (SAC), Ahmadabad for probing the first few tens of meters of the lunar surface for the presence of different constituents including water ice as well as provide further evidence to confirm the presence of water ice below the shadowed regions of the moon.
  • Mapping of lunar surface over a wide wavelength range for the study of water molecules, minerals, and hydroxyl present thru Imaging IR Spectrometer (IIRS) from SAC, Ahmadabad.
  • Thiruvananthapuram Space Physics Laboratory’s (SPL) Neutral Mass Spectrometer (ChACE2) to carry out a detailed study of the lunar exosphere.
  • A three-dimensional map essential for studying the lunar mineralogy and geology will be provided by Terrain Mapping Camera2 (TMC2) from SAC, Ahmadabad.

Chandrayaan-2 spacecraft weighs about 2,650 kg at lift-off of which the orbiter weight is about 1,400 kg and lander weight is about 1,250 kg.

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