Google Makes Improvements to Gmail Labels With Drag & Drop Features

Written By Sam on 2 July 2009

Gmail is getting more and more changes. Now the current changes are related to the labels. Now you will see the labels just above your chat list grouped with the Inbox, Drafts and Chats. Gmail will automatically show you the mostly used labels, hiding the ones which you use less frequently. You can click the more link to see the hidden labels. You can easily show, hide and delete a label by clicking the down-arrow to the left of that label.


The good thing I liked is the “Drag and drop” feature which allows you to drag messages into labels and you can do the reverse also. You can select multiple messages and drop a label on to it or drag them onto a label. All these changes are making our lives easier but I except some significant changes which will bring an impact rather than just a change.

4 Responses to “Google Makes Improvements to Gmail Labels With Drag & Drop Features”

  1. TechZoomIn says:

    3 days back it got released right? I shocked to see my lables missing on that day 🙂 Just checked the whole side bar and found that enhancement!

  2. Anish K.S says:

    I didn’t like this, its force me to re arrange my favorite labels 🙁

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