GooFind Search Engine Enables Downloading Music, Games, E-books Using Google

Written By Sam on 3 November 2010

Downloading music, games, e-books and more has just got simpler with Google’s new search engine Goofind, custom made to use Google’s vast databases for searching the files that best fit your search query. Though it is still possible to use advanced search options and parameters on the usual Google Search to download applications and files, Goofind works in a similar fashion except that it limits the results to pages that link to files matching the user’s specific query.

In this scenario, the maximum results returned are from unprotected user servers or directories. Basically, users using a particular server or directory have their own private space to store their data. Most such directories or servers remain unprotected and eventually search engines find their contents, which are then displayed in the search index as a result of a search.

Goofind widens your search results by listing unprotected server data as well. It just makes searching a more comfortable experience.

Just visit and enter your search term. Goofind returns 10 hits per page. There might be a light display of advertisements on the side. For Google Chrome users, there is a Chrome extension available as well.

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  1. Kev says:

    Good idea =)
    It worked for me

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