Google Releases API for its URL Shortener

Written By Sam on 11 January 2011

There are several URL shorteners available, one of which is and another is amongst several others. is reportedly the fastest and most reliable, according to a study by WatchMouse and also by Pingdom.

There is good news in that Google has also released an API for this URL-shortening service. This API can be used to integrate the URLs into specific projects very simply since there are only four methods that are quite sufficient. There will also be more security for the shortener since hackers used the shortener to mask and propagate worms, one example of which is Twitter where such an event occurred. As a result, Twitter has started its own shortening service.

Documentation for the API can be found on Google Code site, with the getting started section helpfully giving an example code.

Using this API, developers can access all features of through programming. The API enables one to shorten or expand the URL and also permits one to get the history and analytics. This API will be put to wide use permitting auto-shortening in Twitter or Google Buzz as also permitting monitoring of usage statistics and traffic patterns.

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