Firefox 4 to be Released in February But Not Before Bug Fixes; Beta Version Available

Written By Sam on 16 January 2011

Here’s news for Firefox loyalists. Firefox 4 is almost ready for release. Damon Sicore, Mozilla’s senior director of platform engineering, is understood to have revealed this last Tuesday. has quoted Sicore as saying in a recent post on the company’s developer mailing list that after having “worked tremendously hard on Firefox 4… it’s time to ship it.” The same mail revealed that about 160 bugs still need to be dealt with before its final release. He is understood to have noted that once that number is down to about 100, it should take around six weeks to achieve the release candidate (RC) stage. It’s apparent, therefore, that
the Firefox dev team would be aiming to clear all roadblocks by early next month; and release the final version before the end of February.

In the meantime, Sicore hints at another beta soon, followed by yet another (if required) to ensure the bug count is brought down to “zero in reasonable time”. The new version will have to undergo a rigorous testing process before the final version is released.

There is enough competition in the browser space with Chrome, Internet Explorer and other Web browsers jostling for attention. It goes without saying, therefore, that, Firefox 4’s development is being watched closely. We have had reports in the recent past that the latest browser version will come with the JägerMonkey JavaScript engine, rendering a speed boost. The new release is also expected to include ‘do not track’ capabilities.

So, this is where we stand. Firefox 4 is around the corner; but there are a few bugs to fix first. Those interested to help the dev team to overcome the remaining bugs may visit Mozilla’s beta download page and download the new release.

Download Firefox 4 Beta

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