Facebook not Free of Malwares that Gain Access to User’s System Through Free Downloads

Written By Sam on 27 November 2010

Facebookers might go pale in the face with the announcement by BitDefender that malware infects Facebook newsfeeds of more than 20% of Facebook users. Till now we all thought malware, spyware, adware all existing in the big bad world outside Facebook. BitDefender, a security firm, claims to have uncovered this disturbing fact. Since this popular social networking site has a userbase of over 500 million, this latest news is rather disturbing, to say the least.

BitDefender made this announcement after it sampled 14,000 users’ news feeds and uncovered this malware infection in the feeds. BitDefender noticed that a majority of these malware infections are linked to apps originating from independent developers. As is usual, a number of Facebook users seem to have fallen into the freebie trap where such developers offer something ‘free’ to download, install and use their app and their malware gains a backdoor foothold into the Facebook user’s system and can worm its way through to others. Such malwares can root out contacts and personal information, slow down system, use your resources to bulk e-mail and generally cause trouble.

This is disturbing news and surely a reminder to one and all to be very, very careful when you surf, hit the download button; or before you ‘like’ a page on Facebook. BitDefender also advises all users to secure themselves with suitable anti-virus and anti-malware shields.

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