Facebook Introduces New Profile Design; Complete Rollout in January 2011

Written By Sam on 7 December 2010

It seems as if almost anyone has got on to Facebook and used some or the other of its dynamic features to good effect. As a social (and a business) networking tool, it leaves competitors far behind.

Facebook is evolving and easing usability for its users since not all may be tech savvy. Now, we have news that Facebook has released an improved profile design. The complete rollout will be available for everyone early in January 2011.

The new design brings a clear and clean interface and look, with a quick overview of basic information (where you are from, the school you graduated from, your place of work, interests, etc). Friends who are more important or close to you are highlighted in the new featured friends list. The visual interface for the activities and interests section has been improved with pictures and scrolling lists of photos and friends’ pages.

If you cannot wait for the official rollout, you can incorporate this following the steps given below.

1 Go to http://www.facebook.com/about/profile
2 Click on the green colored button “get the new profile” at the top right hand side corner of the page

Now the interface will be updated to reflect the new Facebook profile design.

Does this make you happy? Well, it’s aimed at making life on Facebook a little bit easier. Maybe it will.

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