Mozilla Labs’ F1 for Firefox Enables Secured Sharing of Websites With Your Social Networking Friends

Written By Sam on 12 November 2010

There’s so much happening on the internet these days and everybody has something they want to share. There’s always a video, an article, a book release, a movie review or almost about anything under the sun that people come up with or discover that they are eager to share with their friends or contacts.

Most websites featuring such content understand that there will be a lot of viewers who would want to share the information. However, the constraint is that they provide tabs only for a few popular networking portals like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Orkut, Blogger and Buzz. What if there are users that don’t use any of these portals, or if they prefer to share the web page in through their e-mail messages.

Also there is a bit of insecurity about using an external sharing service not knowing how much data they may have access to and what they might do with it. Besides, submitting your e-mail address might entail the risk of having it exposed to third parties.

Mozilla Labs seem to have identified this gap and has come up with an experimental feature for Firefox called F1. The F1 puts all the control in the user’s hands. When you activate F1 on your Firefox browser, a small button will get added to it on the right-hand corner.

Everytime you come across a website that has content you want to share, simply click on the F1 icon and choose which portal you want to share it through.
It then prompts you to fill in your username and password on that portal and your webpage is shared. All you need to do is specify where you want to share information and in a matter of a few clicks you can tell anyone or everyone about the interesting stuff you came across on the internet.

Currently, F1 may be used only for 3 sharing services, Facebook, Gmail and Twitter. The options are limited for now because they offer support for OAuth and APIs for sharing content. Other services will get added to the list as kinks are ironed out eventually. But the above 3 services are the most widely used and will open possibilities for a large number of users.

Mozilla is still in the experimental stage with F1 but they do have long term plans for it as they are working towards making the Firefox browser the centre of user’s online experience.

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