Enjoy Free Anonymous BitTorrent & Private Browsing With BitBlinder

Written By Sam on 13 June 2009

BitBlinder is a new and free cross-platform open source project which allows you to make BitTorrent transfers a reality and hides your IP address while browsing thus preserving your privacy. BitBlinder preserves your privacy and keeps your IP address safe while allowing you to download files quickly and anonymously via BitTorrent. With BitBlinder you can avoid restrictions and filters on your internet. BitTorrent and Normal web traffic are supported by BitBlinder.


BitBlinder combines your internet traffic with all the other traffic present on the BitBlinder network. With this no one will know what you are doing online and where you are going. Generally when you visit a website, your IP address is revealed to the site which means that your internet service provider can see everything what you are doing online. BitBlinder protects your privacy by hiding your IP address. Encryption also doesn’t prevent this.

BitBlinder will have a Peer on their network which acts as a proxy. BitBlinder asks the peer for the page and the peer sends the requested webpage back to you. Eavesdroppers will not know that you have visited their website as the connection to the peer is encrypted. The website will not know what information you want as the request is sent by the Peer. BitBlinder also offers a strong protection for those who need it by using multiple peers in a row. BitBlinder also helps to avoid filters which generally work by restricting access to certain IP addresses.

You can act as a relay for other peers in the network to start using BitBlinder. Most of the internet users pay a flat monthly fee for internet access regardless of the bandwidth they use and the traffic they send but BitBlinder is a free service. You can be safe online with BitBlinder and you should use it responsibly by following their Code of Conduct.

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