Opera 10.60 Alpha 1 for Windows, Mac and Linux Brings Better Performance and Improved UI

Written By Sam on 1 June 2010

Right now there is a stiff competetion in the browser arena with Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera and many others competing with many new features and enhancements. To keep up the pace with top contenders, Opera has released the Opera 10.60 Alpha 1. Opera Software has launched the first Alpha Build for Opera 10.60 which is an early development snapshot of the next version of Opera after the Opera 10.50. The Opera 10.60 release will aim to synchronize across all desktop platforms and the current alpha will give you noticeable gains in performance, an improved user interface (UI), and lots of bug fixes.

The latest Opera 10.60 Alpha 1 will give you increased performance improvements for both JavaScript, DOM and CSS. Apart from the improvement in core performance you can also some improvements to the UI. Some of the UI changes include O menu button now says “Menu” for easy discovery, Hard to read thumbnails for internal tabs are replaced with icons. Also the tab hover previews have also received a facelift.

The other manjor chnage is that Opera Software disabled the taskbar previews in Windows 7 by default with Opera 10.60. Users can enable them from the Tabs sections of the Preferences dialog. If you are a Mac user then do note that Java only works if you have installed the very latest Java update on Mac OS 10.5 and 10.6 and there is no Java support on Mac OS 10.4.

Download Opera 10.60 Alpha 1

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