Download Firefox 3.6 Beta 1 for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux

Written By Sam on 31 October 2009

Earlier we wrote about “Firefox 3.6 Beta 1 Coming Soon With Superbar and Orientation Detection” and now Firefox 3.6 Beta 1 is accessible for download. This beta version of Firefox is built upon the Gecko 1.9.2 web rendering engine, also comes with many improvements for Add-on developers, web developers and also for all other users.


This first revision of the Beta of Firefox 3.6 Features

  • You can now change your browser’s look with a one single click, through inbuilt support for Personas.
  • You will get alerts from Firefox 3.6 about outdated plugins which helps you to keep them safe.
  • Open, native video display in full screen, that supports poster frames.
  • Supports WOFF font format.
  • Improved JavaScript performance.
  • Supports new DOM, CSS and HTML5 web technologies.
  • Many features for Web developers and Add-on developers in Firefox 3.6

Testers can download Firefox 3.6 Beta 1 in 53 different languages which is built for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux. At present the majority of Add-ons have not yet been upgraded with Firefox 3.6 Beta. So be careful for frequent crashes if you are planning to download Firefox 3.6 Beta.

Download Firefox 3.6 beta 1

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