Download DivX Plus Web Player 2.0 Beta to Play DivX Plus Video (MKV/H.264/AAC) in Web Browser

Written By Sam on 11 October 2009

Recently DivX has released a new verison of their web player. DivX Web Player allows you to play up to HD-quality DivX videos in your browser. You can even use the DivX Web Player to easily embed DivX videos onto your website or blog. The latest DivX Plus Web Player 2.0 Beta has got many new features. In your browser you can directly watch MKV videos which has features like bandwidth efficient H.264, multiple audio tracks, subtitles, and 5.1 channel audio.


Features of DivX Plus Web Player 2.0 Beta

DivX Plus (.mkv) video support : DivX Plus Web Player now includes support DivX Plus video (MKV/H.264/AAC). This helps the publishers to reduce the bandwidth by 20% or more while maintaining the high-quality video with DivX Plus format.

5.1 Channel Audio : Users can now enjoy videos with full 5.1 channel surround sound (AAC) right in the web browser. DivX Plus files can also hold both stereo and multi-channel audio tracks and allows the user to choose the one they like.

Dynamic Seeking : DivX Plus Web Player allows you to skip ahead in the video for websites hosted on servers that support HTTP 1.1. This will help the users to preview any part of the video before downloading the entire video thus saving the valuable bandwidth.

Download DivX Web Player (DivXWebPlayerInstaller_2.0.0.203.exe)

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