MSN Spruces Up Chat: Messenger Can now Be Customized with Software Tools

Written By Sam on 18 January 2011

MSN Messenger can now be customized with these little software tools that change the way you chat with your friends. Try out these for an interesting and lively chat experience.

MSN Nickname Maker

This MSN names toolkit provides cool names and nickname tools for MSN Messenger. There is a huge library, a nickname generator and cool nickname tricks. You can change font size, reverse MSN name text and change default font. Click on a category name on the left of the screen to browse a list of nicknames and select the one you like. Download it for free.

MSN Avatars Creator

The display picture or visual portrait during chat or in other words, your avatar, says a lot. With this nifty Avatars creator you can create thousands and thousands of handsome or beautiful avatars, sign in your name in the avatar and install them to the MSN Messenger account or export them to disk. Select a background, select a head image, select a dress and finally enter your signature and the font and your avatar is ready to go.

MSN Avatars Creator is one of MSN Content Plus’s products and a registered user is allowed access to all its other products in the pack. It can be downloaded free.

Messenger Pictures Auto

After creating your various avatars you can use this cool little app to automatically set pictures as your display picture after a given period of time. Download and install Messenger Pictures Auto. Then simply choose a folder to store your avatars. Your avatars keep rotating in the Messenger display area. It is free to download in many languages and is a small size file.

Free MSN Emoticons Pack 4

Sometimes words cannot convey what cute emoticons can and so the Free MSN Emoticon pack 4 is indispensable while chatting on MSN Messenger. There are 50 emoticons to express all your emotions and makes chatting fun and enjoyable. New and animated emoticons are free for download and clean of any spyware or malware.

Live Messenger Now Playing Plugin

If you are chatting on IM and want to the people you are chatting with to know what you are listening to, download and install this free plugin for Winamp, Foobar200 and Yahoo!Music. Once installed and running it will show a “now playing” personal status message for Live Messenger. It has full ATF support and support for internet radio streams as well which means you have flexible control over the number of titles displayed. It is possible to display ratings and playcount information in the titles, or any other information. There is support for not updating the titles when playing videos through Winamp for privacy reasons. It can be configured in various ways to suit you.

AV Voice Changer Software

Now, this should really be fun if you are talking with your friends on Chat or PC to Phone apps. It can also be used to remix songs or remodel existing songs and this software works on other IM applications too.

It has almost unlimited ability to modify and enhance audio streams and deliver high quality output.

Outstanding features:

  • Change voice to male or female for chat, phone or games all in real time.
  • Using quick nickvoices change the gender and age of voice.
  • Create human or machine like voices for dubbing.
  • Morph songs and vocals
  • Create voice makeovers
  • Record voice chat, phone calls, internet radio and streaming audio
  • Add sound effects while talking to give an impression that you are somewhere else.
  • Compare changed vocals for simulation purpose.
  • AV Voice Changer Software 7.0.34 can be downloaded for free.


Voice chats are OK. Video chats are interesting and WebcamMax makes it even more so, adding thousands of fantastic effects to videos or live chats and recordings. It is a virtualized webcam letting you share videos or desktop with friends without a real webcam. It works in most IM applications. You can record videos and upload or broadcast on WebcamMax site, snap pictures and upload to share photos on this site.

It is easy to paint on the video box to make for interesting effects and this can also be saved as a template. Different sources can be broadcast at the same time. It works in Skype, Live Messenger, ICQ, Paltalk, Ustream, JustinTV, to name a few and can be freely downloaded.

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