AOL Unveils Project Phoenix, Beta of Updated AOL Mail; Features 25 MB Attachments, Quick Bar

Written By Sam on 15 November 2010

AOL has just unveiled Project Phoenix, which is a beta version of the updated and improved AOL Mail. The renewed and revamped version is a far cry from the original AOL mail as it has a lot of snazzy features that have been introduced keeping in mind the user of today.

The Project Phoenix version bundles in the following functions:

  • It allows for aggregation of other e-mail clients. That means you can send and receive mail from all your mailing accounts like Gmail, YahooMail, Hotmail.
  • Makes quick multimedia messaging possible.
  • Offers users the chance to get usernames that are their actual names.
  • A tool called ‘Smart View’ that scans your inboxes and collects and displays interesting information in box on the right. It even previews maps if you happen to get an email with an address. For pictures, it displays them as thumbnails in a gallery. Conversation threads are created when you have back and forth correspondence with someone.
  • ‘Quick Bar’ enables users to send emails, texts and even status updates on Facebook or Twitter easily and quickly.
  • ‘Unlimited’ storage and customer support, plus it supports e-mail attachments of up to 25MB.

AOL has been making an effort to re-acquire its former glory by making these technological improvements and updates in its mailing client.

According to a survey conducted by Silicon Alley Insider, compared to other major players in the market like YahooMail, Gmail, Hotmail, Facebook and MySpace Mail, AOL mail receives the least number of unique visitors in a month in the US.

AOL may have made the move of revealing its revamped mail version now to counter the effect that Facebook mail might have, as it is expected to be announced on Monday.

However, whether Project Phoenix will be able to get AOL back in the game or not is a matter only time can tell.

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