Account Disabling Bug Now Taken Care Of: Facebook

Written By Sam on 17 November 2010

Twitter was buzzing with activity as Facebook users who had become victims to the ‘account disabling bug’ were making their voice heard through their tweets. There were complaints that their accounts were deactivated by being termed as inauthentic by the website.

Some even stated that this was happening only to accounts of female users, as no affected male-owned accounts were coming to light. Facebook has acknowledged that there is in fact such a problem and has attributed it to a bug that is inexplicably disabling accounts for valid users. The bug seems to have come into a system that Facebook had created to detect and disable accounts that were most likely fake.

Facebook immediately addressed the problem after receiving reports and they are in the process of reactivating as well as notifying the affected users.

As part of this process they had asked some users to provide a scanned copy of their IDs to confirm the validity of an account before reactivating it. Some users found this a little fishy and decided it was another bug on the system. They were even being advised to ignore the request and other such instructions.

But Facebook has clarified that they had actually put out these reactivation requests to confirm that the user was actually genuine. The failure to do so would result in permanent deletion of the account added Facebook.

Considering Facebook’s huge user base, the number of people affected actually amount to a very small percentage and Facebook has reassured affected users that everything would be returning to normal very soon.

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